Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Few January Updates

I get often asked this days what would be new at our FFU Playground. So i will tell and show you a bit the updates i did over the last time.

Let´s start with the Barrack, a concrete room with a wonderful bed inside. Many new hot and interesting sex-poses are included into this great device.

The Dirty Rape Backyard has new thrilling poseballs and filthy corners now.

Many cruel and humiliating forced-sex fantasies can be realized there now. Rough blowjobs or brutal doggies in a dirty backyard are possible now.

Inside an old container you will find a very useful bed with many arousing poses inside.

Don´t forget to check out the details on that dangerous spot in FFU.

Our Torture Clinic got also a few very interesting advances like this very painful electro table.

The table can produce horrible genital- , oral- and breast-shocks if necessary.

New examination devices and futuristic medical environment is also fresh added to the clinic.

I am pretty sure that we now own all transformation engines which are relevant to use.

Some of them work with RLV and includes traps, so be aware if you crawl inside.

From transformation over breast-implantation and all kinds of examination and surgery is nearly all thinkable to realize inside this curious hospital.

The building next to the clinic is named Milking Station. Inside the little concrete box you find very complex cock-milking devices, vaginal/anal stimulators and breast-milking machines.

Another very hot building is the Toilet Tower where you can have pretty dirty and abusive sex in many forms.

The bar-stool near the entrance can bring you in exhausting difficulties when the right rapist is around.

A broken bed on the wall offers an incredible assortment of sex-poses and features for couples and threesomes.

Upstairs (you can teleport quickly up by pressing the pink star button on the stairway) we finally got JR´s wonderful bath-equipment which contains a shower for very naughty experiences.

JR´s pissoirs are also an often used device in this really dirty tower.

New devices are also placed in the Animal Cell. The frame from Nihil brings you quickly in painful motion.

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