Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sketches becomes Virtuality - FFU 4.04 accomplished

After months of planning and brainstorming, i started rebuilding the current FFU playground and land nearby. I wanted bring back spaces and room for good and thrilling roleplay around our themes feminization, transformation, sissy- and dolliefication. Many of you got curious about my doings during the rebuilding process last weeks. Let me show you now a few of the new highlights at FFU.

Mostly all starts at our shopping container and landing-point. The gems around teleport-terminal are quick-teleporters inside the several areas.

And here you will arrive if you choosed the "central playground".

The new Dance- and Strip-Club at FFU.

Rebuilt Girl School - a place for training, conference and education

Ballet is possible again.

Also completely reworked - The Clinic

Hot Tub for relaxing and chilly moments. But be careful, a trap is nearby.

Pavillon of Beauty

Hypnosis Cube

Bimbo Box

Zen Lounge - Remastered

Tokyo Bitch - my design-studio and office

Grotto at Fantasy-Garden

Toilet Tower - a place, sure not for all. :)

Now you have enough teasings i guess. Feel free to visit Morken and FFU whenever you want. So many hot fantasies can be lived out there.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Found this very cute Sissy Store

Just got the link to such a wonderful Sissy Store called Sissy Kiss Boutique. Feel free to check it out, girlies. :)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Lastest Activities at FFU

While the new facility got nearly finished and upstyled many new and also known sissy trainees got molded, disciplined and used at our pretty pink feminization-playground. I bought many new sex-toys and furniture for extended hot sessions and over the days we used them with much joy and arousal.

Using the new Forced-Blowjob-Chair.

Some stretching units arrived the FFU.

The surgery was also in use a few times lately.

Training of a sissy at the dildo-horse.

Sissy Jamie sucked her first real cock. We had to force her with a pretty tight o-ring-gag to do this.

She did a great job at all...

Jamie was displayed and spanked after the really hard treatment before.

Also the classroom has a few new interesting toys to try out.

Cute little girlies around the facility.

Wonderful new scripts are uploaded to the Hypnotron-Engines.

Transformations made our days brighter and our trainees so endless cute.