Thursday, August 27, 2009

Found this very cute Sissy Store

Just got the link to such a wonderful Sissy Store called Sissy Kiss Boutique. Feel free to check it out, girlies. :)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Lastest Activities at FFU

While the new facility got nearly finished and upstyled many new and also known sissy trainees got molded, disciplined and used at our pretty pink feminization-playground. I bought many new sex-toys and furniture for extended hot sessions and over the days we used them with much joy and arousal.

Using the new Forced-Blowjob-Chair.

Some stretching units arrived the FFU.

The surgery was also in use a few times lately.

Training of a sissy at the dildo-horse.

Sissy Jamie sucked her first real cock. We had to force her with a pretty tight o-ring-gag to do this.

She did a great job at all...

Jamie was displayed and spanked after the really hard treatment before.

Also the classroom has a few new interesting toys to try out.

Cute little girlies around the facility.

Wonderful new scripts are uploaded to the Hypnotron-Engines.

Transformations made our days brighter and our trainees so endless cute.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Welcome inside the Bonbon-Box

By request of many i added a pink-touch to our new rebuilt facility. Also we have a very cute flower-house now where a pink bed and some seats are placed.

Monday, August 10, 2009

The Move is nearly done - Welcome at Morken !

The move to our new home Morken is coming to his end. Most of my objects, furniture and machines are well placed at the new facility building. You will miss the comic-books at the moment and some pictures we had, but i work hard on re-installing them. I hope to finish the procedure in the next 24 hours. So i say "goodbye" to Crystal while tears runs down my cheeks. But at all i am sure we will have also a very good time at Morken and i made a few new spots like Space Lounge, Doll Factory, Fairy Garden and Animal Cell. Also HUGSaLOT built up a very nice Shemale-Club near the entrance container. A huge party for our re-opening will come very soon.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Transformation Start for a new Sissy

Just started the transformation process on a guy wich joined the FFU Sissy Training Group. First he got examined and undressed of course.

I remolded his DNA and created a wonderful perma-makeup and hair for his new life as girl.

Then the fresh molded sissy had to worship me a while. She pleased me well.

Her cute tight ass got stretched well by a strapon.

After the hurting treatment of her butt and sissy-cock she gots displayed chained on a woodden cross at FFU Lobby.