Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sketches becomes Virtuality - FFU 4.04 accomplished

After months of planning and brainstorming, i started rebuilding the current FFU playground and land nearby. I wanted bring back spaces and room for good and thrilling roleplay around our themes feminization, transformation, sissy- and dolliefication. Many of you got curious about my doings during the rebuilding process last weeks. Let me show you now a few of the new highlights at FFU.

Mostly all starts at our shopping container and landing-point. The gems around teleport-terminal are quick-teleporters inside the several areas.

And here you will arrive if you choosed the "central playground".

The new Dance- and Strip-Club at FFU.

Rebuilt Girl School - a place for training, conference and education

Ballet is possible again.

Also completely reworked - The Clinic

Hot Tub for relaxing and chilly moments. But be careful, a trap is nearby.

Pavillon of Beauty

Hypnosis Cube

Bimbo Box

Zen Lounge - Remastered

Tokyo Bitch - my design-studio and office

Grotto at Fantasy-Garden

Toilet Tower - a place, sure not for all. :)

Now you have enough teasings i guess. Feel free to visit Morken and FFU whenever you want. So many hot fantasies can be lived out there.