Wednesday, March 3, 2010

FFU SPACES - Hypno Cube

A very interesting location at FFU is of course the hypnosis area.
A blue cubic building next to a red huge cube is named Hypno-Cube.

Inside the Hypno Cube you can explore many several hypnosis and trance-systems the FFU offers.

The most engines contains a rich spectrum of loadable sessions like "Breast Enlargement", "Female Submission, "Dom to Sub", "Male to Female", "French Maid", "Bimbo Conditioning", "Shop Slave", "Obedience" and so on.

We placed hypnosis-systems from Hypno-Dolls, LustBaby and Jenniferz Vita. For some machines you need a HUD wich will be delivered for free by touching the related option in menu.

This colorful hypno-cage is pretty dangerous if you have a working RLV-Relay on "auto-accept". You can get captured and will be unable to free yourself.

The Bimbotron-Engine has more sexual thrilling aspects. Many sessions are loadable and the scripted dildo assortment will do a pretty training too.

The HUD for full enjoyment is available by menu. Wear it after you got it.

The HUD for the Lustbaby systems you can grab by touching the wall-sign you will find next to teleporter-terminal inside Hypno-Cube.

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