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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Horror Rape Asylum

A new thrilling area at our land is opened now for you all - the Horror Rape Asylum. I was inspired by scary movies like "hostel" and darkest fantasies while creating this morbid and dangerous looking location.

Here we see one of the rooms which includes a very professional torture- and stretching bench.

Also some other very humiliating devices are around in the gray chamber.

But the orange room beside is not less dangerous and cruel. There is a toilet, a bondage pole, chain-rack and a very humiliating cable-wheel for intense rape scenes.

The fucks and rapes can be done very rough as you can see on that pictures.

The place has also an interesting lobby- and lounge-area with numerous possibilities for doing rough or forced sex near the landing-spot.

Next to the lobby a lost office is to explore. It contains a captive chair, blowjob enforcer and pretty hot sex-poses and all that in a very gloomy atmosphere.

And then there exists a darker more cold looking chamber with half opened fridge and benches. Also a cage on the wall is placed and looks dangerous for any victim who will be captured there.

The room is made for rape in main topic and so you will find various poseballs for rough and ruff sex there.

By walking out of this cold room you stumble directly inside the next nightmare. A blue shimmering chamber with examination-chair, electro-torture-bench and a leather-horse for piercing, tattoo and other painful treatments.

Walking the corridor upwards there is a green enlightened torture room with hooks to hang on, a captive chair, wall-rack and also a sink for humiliating hard sex.

On the end of this horrible corridor we come to the really shocking part of the asylum.

Here gallows, a brutal chopping rack, a toilet and in an lost elevator room integrated an electric chair.

Now we have nearly all the spaces seen around there and you can imagine a bit how much cruelty can be done there. Feel free to visit this new dark area at FFU by using that link here: